While laundry will be an ongoing part of life, it doesn’t have to be never ending. Here are laundry tips to stay on track through the most difficult parts: sorting and putting away.

Do your laundry baskets sit out with clean clothes and need to be put away? Here are Laundry Tips to change all that and more!

Ten Timesaving Laundry Tips

  1. Place a wall clock above the washer and dryer.

  2. Be ready to move clothes to the next step after the wash time is over.

  3. Wash those items first that require the most sorting afterward. Brilliant!

  4. Minimize wrinkles by immediately folding warm clothes from the dryer.

  5. Save time by making each bed with the sheets straight from the dryer.

  6. Stack clean folded towels by the bathroom they need to be put away to speed up delivery.

  7. Leave the washer lid open as a signal to empty the dryer.

  8. Save steps by keeping a lint box or wastebasket nearby.

  9. Hang the empty laundry basket on a hook out of the way.

  10. Close the lid after your last load and congratulate yourself for finishing all your laundry for the day!

Decorate your laundry room to be a pleasant place. A pretty wall hanging, some paint, a mirror, or even a family vacation photo will brighten your day as you wash and put away clothes.

Laundry Coaching

Laundry Coaching
Your Personalized Schedule!

“Laundry Coaching” will solve all your laundry problems from getting it done the same day you start it, cutting your laundry loads in half, and clearing out the clutter on the laundry shelf.

I’ll create a weekly schedule with you so laundry feels like a breeze! No more clean laundry clothes sitting out to put away. I’ll teach you how to neatly fold and adapt your drawers, shelves, and closets to hold your neat, clean laundry. You’ll be showing them off when people come to visit you!