5 Tips to Get Ready for Vacation


Getting ready for vacation? Simplify your packing by getting a colorful mini-notebook to create a permanent “Vacation Check List.” Then follow these steps to get ready: Start tonight and ask what everyone is looking forward to - and realize how rejuvenating time away can be. Count the number of vacation days and start to

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10 Sneaky Spaces to Declutter


Do you have what I call "Sneaky Spaces" that fill up with small items? These spaces are small clutter troves hiding from your everyday life... until this week. Use them up and let them go! Pick a couple of areas below and entertain yourself and/or your family sorting them. It's fun, easy, and productive to do in an evening. You'll

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7 Time Tips to Stay Energized!


When someone wants to get organized, I often start with these 7 key time management tips to produce the balanced life she is looking for. Why? Because everything revolves around her ability to control her time and calendar to adjust to changes that inevitably come up. It's important to learn the skill of adding

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10 Tips to Get Focused


"What gets your attention, gets you!" says Rick Warren about our harried lives. I find that's true from the minute we wake up and check social media, morning email, and texts all day long. Yikes, we need more help than ever to focus! The best way to overcome distraction is to take a different

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