5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination


Are you procrastinating today? Procrastination can be a good thing if you don’t have enough information to make a good decision. But generally, procrastination looms over a daunting task that we don’t want to do however large or small. And that’s where procrastination tendencies need a jumpstart to get us going. That gap between Intention

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How to Clean Up Your Inbox & How I Deleted 22,704 Emails!


Today is clean up your Inbox day . . . or any day you feel overwhelmed by thousands of emails! It's time to end the mental debate “Should I take the time to delete emails” vs. “What if I delete something I might need?” Personally, the last thing on my Priority List was to “delete

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3 Tools to Organize Your Closet


Do you open your closet doors only to want to shut them again because the thought of organizing the closet is too overwhelming? Where do you start, what do you need, will what you do last long enough to really make a difference? Don't worry, I can help.  First, take a look at my

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10 Tips to Control Your Email


Do you feel overwhelmed by email? Then it's time to take charge before it becomes "Email Clutter!" Too many emails in your inbox are the beginning of a complicated life. Control your email and leave each day relaxed knowing your email is under YOUR control. 10 Email Tips to Deal with Email Efficiently 1.

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