5 Ways to Create an Inspiring Workspace!


Whether your workspace is a full office, cubicle, home office, or tabletop this is your space - your home away from home. Make it tasteful, streamlined, and inspiring! An inspiring workspace will help you focus and be ready to work when you sit down at your computer. If you find yourself sighing and dreading

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7 Key Time Management Tips for Women


When a woman wants to get organized, I often start with these 7 key time management tips to produce the balanced life she is looking for. Why? Because everything revolves around her ability to control her time and calendar to adjust to changes that inevitably come up. It's important to learn the skill of adding

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Are You a Perfectionist? 3 Ways to Know


Are you a Perfectionist? I am.  Sometimes I’m proud of it, and other times I have to sheepishly say “guilty.” I bet you might be a perfectionist, too, in at least one area of your life. For example I was filing a bank statement and decided to clean out the statements from the prior year.

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5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination


Are you procrastinating today? Procrastination can be a good thing if you don’t have enough information to make a good decision. But generally, procrastination looms over a daunting task that we don’t want to do however large or small. And that’s where procrastination tendencies need a jumpstart to get us going. That gap between Intention

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