10 Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Weekend


I LOVE Thanksgiving Weekend for all the options we have on how to spend it! It's the four day pause when everyone seems to take a deep breath and relax before navigating the busy holiday season.Thanksgiving 4-Day weekend is an opportunity to do fun, reflective, and social things to relax. Here are 10 ideas for

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7 Key Time Tips for Women


When a client wants to get organized, I often start with these 7 key time management tips because everything revolves around their ability to control their time and calendar. These time tips will produce the balanced life they are looking for. If a person is generally happy and content with their life, it means

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10 Question Quiz


Sometimes taking an honest look at our activities and lifestyle gives us clues as to where we can save time and reduce stress. In this exercise, answer “yes” or “no” to pinpoint certain stressful areas and to find out how organized you really are: 1. Do you know how long it takes you to

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What’s the Fastest Way to Organize Your Closet?


Have you organized your closet recently?  Spring and fall are ideal times to organize your closet. I did our annual closet organizing and carried off three bags to charity! Now if I can find “donations” you can, too! Here are 4 Steps to Organize Your Closet that you can do right away. I did

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