• POSTED: 10.02.2012
    Home Organizing

    Organize Your Closet

    Have you organized your closet recently? Fall and Spring are ideal times to organize your clothes. I did our annual closet organizing and carried off SIX bags to charity! Now if I can find “donations,” you can, too! My Facebook pages show the Donating steps in Pictures! What’s the Fastest Way to Organize a Closet? […]

  • POSTED: 09.26.2012
    Personal Organization

    What’s Your Fine Line Between Margin and Overload?

    This morning I was at a breakfast business meeting and the video clip that was to play when I spoke, didn’t have any sound. My husband said something profound – It was on double speed and when that happens, you can’t hear anything. Sounds like what I expressed to you last week about my personal […]

  • POSTED: 09.18.2012
    Personal Organization

    My Trip to ER: Telltale Signs of Stress Overload!

    On a normal Monday morning in September I ended up in ER sobbing from the intensity of a piercing head pain! What a SCARE! Thankfully all turned out to be fine, but I clearly identified the culprit as Stress Overload. Here’s a Stress Checkup for both you and I today: Stress Overload to Pay Attention […]

  • POSTED: 09.12.2012

    6 Keys to Organize Children — and Yourself!

    To organize children (and yourself) for a new school year, it takes more than just buying school supplies and a new pair of jeans! There are ways to help your kids put their best foot forward and keep your sanity at home. Follow these tips and join our Online Class with a Chore Chart and […]

  • POSTED: 08.01.2012
    Email and Inbox

    Email Clutter-10 Tips to Control Your In-Box

    Do you feel overwhelmed by email? Then it’s time to take charge before it becomes “Email Clutter!” Why? Because too many email in your In-Box is the beginning of a complicated life. Clean up your In-Box and leave each day relaxed knowing your email is under your control. 10 Email Tips to Deal with Email […]

  • POSTED: 07.25.2012
    Personal Organization


    This is my Birthday week and a significant year at that. I’m reaching it with mixed emotions, but tipping the scale ever so slightly to feeling excited about it. Moving to a new decade is a milestone however you feel about it! Today I have 3 ways to celebrate and want to unveil a fascinating […]

  • POSTED: 07.23.2012
    Get Organized!

    Are You Winning at Living Your Olympic Lifestyle?

    The beginning of the world class Olympics (July 27- August 12) in London is almost here! It’s a time to be personally inspired. If your Olympian, what would your personal track be? What Would Your Personal Olympic Gold Medals Include? It could be something like graduation from high school or college. Getting married or buying […]

  • POSTED: 06.20.2012
    Get Organized!

    Radio Interview: Simplify Your Space

    Do you know someone who has simplified their space? They have a clean home, organized office, and time to spare. They can be your envy or your model. But learn from them. Is it the size of their space – larger or smaller than yours? Do they alone or with a full household of family? […]

  • POSTED: 06.12.2012
    Time Management

    Is the Timing Right?

    To simplify your life and get organized and stay that way, you have to have the right time in life. Just deciding to get organized isn’t enough. You have to have a good time in your life. Here are several times that work. Can you think of good timing to get organized? Usually it happens […]

  • POSTED: 04.03.2012
    Get Organized!

    “Simplify Your Life” Groups: 7 Weeks to a NEW Organized You!

    Are you ready to REALLY get organized and stay that way? With teaching from The Organizing Pro, Marcia Ramsland, you can do that! Through a seven week DVD study, organizer Marcia Ramsland, author of Simplify Your Life, will teach you how to organize your home, your work, and your life. Learn new strategies to find […]

  • POSTED: 03.29.2012
    Get Organized!

    Family Room-Rate Yours Now

    How do you know if you have too much of something such as magazines, CDs/DVDs, and books? It all comes down to what fits in your space and how it looks. If you own more things than you have space, you have only two choices: downscale the quantity of items or increase the storage space. […]

  • POSTED: 03.14.2012
    Get Organized!

    Organize Your Books for Profit!

    Every book has value and can change your life. But deciding when some books should come off your bookshelves is an intentional and freeing next step. The process can give you: * New space and an organized look for your bookshelves! * Increase your Tax Deductions that will be a form of Income next year. […]

  • POSTED: 03.13.2012
    Get Organized!

    Organize CDs/DVDs Easily

    Simple Steps to Manage Your CDs/DVDs One thing to easily organize are your CDs and DVDs. What better time to listen or watch them than while you do it? Why Organize Your CDs/DVDs? The benefits for a one time sort for you include: * Saving space by returning loose ones to their cases or getting […]

  • POSTED: 02.22.2012

    3 Easy Steps to Organize Magazine Clutter

    I was teaching a class on organizing your paperwork, when one person raised the question: ‘If you have old magazines, can’t you just donate them to the public library?’ I decided to check into that and gave the library a call. The librarian paused at the other end. “We don’t take magazines … unless they […]

  • POSTED: 01.04.2012
    Get Healthy!

    Class: “RESET & Beyond” Healthly Lifestyle

    I love to coach people to simplify their time and space. But another lifestyle change I coach monthly is to teach people to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. It all began with a health crisis in our family and I’ve been coaching people to get healthy ever since. Personally I’ve found one great […]

  • POSTED: 01.03.2012
    Closet Organizing

    Class: Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!

    Wonder how to look great and save time getting dressed each morning? Fashion expert and image consultant Jill Swanson, author of the book “Simply Beautiful Inside and Out” and her popular DVD “Simply Scarves” is our Guest Expert to simplify our lives. Learn how to dress your best everyday with a strategy that will not […]

  • POSTED: 09.20.2011
    Time Management

    Power Time Tool #2: Time Slot Your To Do List

    Last night I spoke to the American Subcontractors Association in San Diego and shared our next Time Planning Tool: a “Time Slotted To Do” list. When you master this tool, you can create successful day almost any day. Power Planning Tool #2: Time Slot Your To Do List Did you know studies show we can […]

  • POSTED: 09.20.2011
    Time Management

    Power Time Tool #3: A Master List

    I had a wonderful time of speaking last week but came home to a desktop of scattered papers – mail from being away, speaking notes, people to followup with, emails to send out, book orders to mail, and a letter to be notarized. Ugh! Nothing in itself was too hard. It was all just too […]

  • POSTED: 09.20.2011
    Time Management

    Power Time Tool #1: Plan Your Week

    Recently one of my cross country clients and I incorporated one tool that doubled her monthly income immediately, raised her team’s morale, and saved dozens of back and forth email time. It reminded me of the power of planning time management tools that successful people use regularly. Today here’s the first Power Planning Tool: Power […]

  • POSTED: 05.24.2011
    Closet Organizing

    Class:Organize Your Closet and Expand Your Wardrobe!

    Are you and your closet “looking good?” Achieve a well-organized closet so you don’t stress over having “nothing to wear.” Learn how to dress well and stretch your closet with what you have by following these three steps. You’ll feel like a new person after our closet makeover! Step 1. Hanging Clothes Work intentionally from […]