Fall organizing is all about a fresh start and adding energy to your life with any one of these 10 tips to add a new aspect to your life.  Fall is when you set up a new schedule, look ahead to the holidays, and have this in between time for a quick pickup to get your life in order.

Pick a new organizing activity or course for self-improvement and create a new perk each fall.  Get your momentum going with any one of these 10 Fall organizing tips!

1. Make Sure Your Calendar is filled with things you Like to Do!
Go through your calendar and make sure it’s 50% of what you “have to do,” 30% of it includes things you enjoy, and 20% free choice on evenings and weekends. I personally plan all my Saturdays ahead to do a morning home project and fun the rest of the weekend.

2. Organize Your Refrigerator and Pantry
With the cooler nights, it’s a good time to cook at home. Go through a shelf a day and donate small appliances, food, or clutter you’re not using. Someone else can use it and you’ll be getting your kitchen streamlined for Holiday cooking. The 15-Minute Kitchen Cleanup

3. Turn Your Bedroom into a Clutterfree Retreat
Cleanup your nightstand clutter, put away shopping trip bags, and any piles that never put away. When you clear dresser surfaces, vacuum the floors, and wash the windows, you will stay healthier without the dust. A good book for bedtime reading will help you sleep better, too!

4. Get Next Year’s Calendars in October
October is the best time to get next year’s calendars. Paper calendars give you perspective while a digital calendar keep you on track. Even with our digital calendars, it’s nice to keep one visible in your kitchen or home office just to glance up at. My Recommended Planners

5. Clean Up the Outside Before October 31
Your neighbors will likely be coming to your front door for Halloween Trick or Treat, so put your best foot forward. Check outside to winterize your landscaping like cleaning out flower beds, rake the lawn, or putting a fresh wreath on the front door. Company is coming!

6. Change Over Your Fall Closet
What you see in your closet often indicates how your day will go. Wash and put away your summer clothes and pull out your favorite cool weather clothes. Fall Organizing of your closet will do wonders for your morale. 3 Steps to Organize Your Closet

7. Corral the Clutter before it Grows!
Nothing makes you feel better than decluttering visible surfaces and piles followed up by organizing your winter coat closet. An organized home makes the mornings go better and you’re out the door on time with everything you need. Tackle clutter spots head on asap!

8. Work on a Self-Improvement Habit
If you’re going to stay young, be a growing person. Choose a habit to improve – like getting to sleep earlier, joining an exercise program, or taking a new course. I encourage my community to grow their personal skill set with one of my 12 Recommended Online Courses.

9. Use the Evenings to Hibernate & Do Projects
Use the winter hibernation feeling to stay home and do a project you normally don’t do. It feels good to do non-urgent items and see the results. Disorganized boxes left to themselves stagnates into accumulated clutter to deal with down the road. Better to do it now than later.

10. Anticipate & Prepare for the Holiday Season
Since the busiest season of the year will begin November 1, do your Fall Organizing to get ready. That includes catching up on paperwork and financials, delivering donations, and including your favorite outdoor activity. There’s a busy, wonderful holiday season ahead to enjoy!

Today’s Tip:
“Anything you organize will pay you back 10x in time saved the next time you need to do the same task.”

Do Your Best and Release the Rest!
Yes, just do your best and release the rest! Most successful people have a lot to do, but also have the knack of closing the loop and getting things done. Starting and finishing a task you’ve been procrastinating on is the important goal. It boosts your energy, gives you confidence, and finally that dreaded task is done!

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