Summer is winding down and it’s time to go through your summer clothes with the mantra “Keep or Go?”

You see now at the end of summer is the time to go through each piece of summer clothing and ask these 3 Questions:

1) Did I wear it? If ‘No,’ let it go! Put it asap in a donation bag and let someone else enjoy wearing it. Obviously it wasn’t your “Go To” favorite.

2) Do I like it? If you wore it, ask yourself if you really like it. If you don’t, let it go. You won’t like it any better next summer and you can clear space by donating it now.

3) Can I organize my closet better to keep it? Start with hanging or folding it neatly. Then also go through summer shoes and shelves with the above questions.

–> One place that summer swimwear and sports wear gets cluttered is on the shelving.
So follow these 4 Closet Shelf Tips for a good clean out!

4 Tips for Cleaning Out Closet Shelves

  1. Clear the Shelves — Take everything off one shelf at a time and put back only what you like and use. Shelves often contain T-shirts, bags, purses, hats, and shoes that were once daily regulars in your life. But over time these belongings turn into “stationary” clutter that doesn’t know when to leave.
  2. Ask Tough Questions — Now is the time to make those hard decisions and let some things go. Ask yourself, “Is this item part of my past or my future?” If it’s sentimental, take a picture and let it go! This is your everyday closet. Save the memory in a picture, not on your shelf.
  3. Refold and Reorganize — Refold all shelf items so the smooth, rounded edge I have named “The Decorative Edge” is facing you. This provides a neat, clean look like fine retailers and makes each folded item easy to slide out.
  4. Give Structure to Your Shelves Buy shelf dividers or turn an open box on its side to keep stacks of clothes from falling over. Or space shoeboxes between stacks of clothes and purses to hold items in place. You can also use labeled boxes so you don’t have to see the contents daily, but you still know what’s inside.

–> To further help you, I have a Closet Bonus for you!

Bonus: Bedroom Closet Checklist

❍ 1. Are clothes hung by sections and outfits I like to wear?

❍ 2. Do all my hangers match?

❍ 3. Is my closet floor relatively empty and clutter free?

❍ 4. Are my shoes organized and ready to wear at a moment’s notice?

❍ 5. Is there a full-length mirror nearby I use daily?

❍ 6. Is the smooth “decorative edge” facing forward on all folded items?

❍ 7. Does each drawer have clothes and accessories organized by category?

❍ 8. Is my jewelry stored neatly in dividers and ready for me to dress quickly?

❍ 9. Do I regularly give clothes away to benefit others?

❍ 10. Is it easy to get dressed each day?

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